Market challenges

Electro scooters only hold a small market share. There are numerous reasons for this: On the one hand is their range, which is limited to around 80 km on average. The charging time of the batteries is around five hours and public charging station networks, which can also be used for scooter batteries, are rare. What’s more, the price of higher quality e-scooters is up to 40% higher than for regular scooters. In addition, some of the batteries available on the market are not very safe. Various market barriers need to be overcome here – and this is precisely where IBION comes in. We are taking on this challenge.


Increase your range simply with an IBION Powerstation. They can be found at numerous locations throughout Switzerland, and include multiple compartments with replacement batteries. Thanks to their robust design, they are protected against all environmental influences and vandalism. Each compartment can hold two batteries, which are monitored in relation to various parameters: charging cycles, capacity, electricity, voltage, temperature, etc. If one of the batteries is outside the allowed tolerance range, immediate deactivation takes place and an automatic service call is triggered. As each compartment can be replaced separately, we can guarantee fast service and timely repairs at all times. The IBION Powerstation can also be extended flexibly and combined with drop-points or public pick-up stations.


Public and private IBION Powerstations are being installed on all relevant waypoints in Switzerland.


The IBION Powerstations can be viewed by anyone using the app. This shows the locations and charging status, and provides access to reserved batteries.

Charging time:
30 seconds

This is how long it takes to replace an empty battery with a full one at an IBION Powerstation.

Reduced investment

After buying an e-scooter, the IBION charging infrastructure and the batteries can be used as a service.

24h monitoring

All IBION Powerstations are online and monitor relevant parameters of each and every battery. This means IBION can guarantee service and safety with regard to the equipment and environment.


The IBION Powerstation can be adapted to various two-wheeled electrical vehicles.


Why are our batteries safer than others on the market? First of all, the battery technology used is very advanced, and the chosen chemical composition (LiNiCoMn) is also fire retardant. The battery as a whole as well as the individual cells were subjected to extensive certified tests. What’s more, they have the ability to communicate with the Powerstation permanently. During this communication, all relevant technical data, including the specific identity, are reported in short cycles, which ensures the condition and whereabouts of the batteries can be guaranteed. If a battery does report a critical condition, it can switch off and thus protect itself. At the same time, the service group of IBION, which is active throughout Switzerland, is informed and can respond immediately.


IBION started the project with a specific vehicle manufacturer and a Swiss distribution partner: Torrot and eMove Motors. At the moment we are negotiating with various providers, so that our batteries can also be installed in their vehicles. The goal is to establish and make use of a large, shared battery replacement network.


Cablex offers advice and complete project management for the creation of your infrastructure.
cablex markets and installs the Powerstations, takes care of structural changes, and ensures they have power and an Internet connection. In addition to an all-round service for the Powerstations, cablex can also take care of battery management.

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