Challenges regarding company parking

Parking space management within a company is often managed by the reception area. The reception area has access to simple tools like the Outlook calender and other kinds of agendas. Knowing when the peak usage times are and how the parking spaces are used represents a significant challenge. Briefing visitors and always knowing what’s going on in the car park are also important aspects that should not be taken for granted. IBION Parking is an ideal solution for handling all of these challenges.

IBION Parking

Significantly increases the utilisation rates for your parking spaces. Thanks to IBION Parking, you always know where there are any free spaces. Your administrative outlay is reduced to a minimum, as the software and the app take care of all of your work. From reservations to billing, everything is completely digitised. The barriers are opened based on the number plates, and the system issues an alarm if somebody remains in the car park for too long.


You always know what’s going on, and who has currently parked their vehicle, either correctly or incorrectly.


You can plan for bottlenecks in advance and thus avoid them. Maintain an overview of your parking space utilisation at all times.


The parking spaces can be booked at any time via the app without any additional administrative outlay – modern and digital.


The vehicle number plate is recognised automatically when entering the car park. An app takes care of everything, from reservation to billing.


As the parking spaces are utilised as optimally as possible, turnover can be increased.


Your company badges can be adapted for the access system and fully integrated. Specific access rules can also be implemented.

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