The smart way to be on the move in the greater Basel area with IBION.

The mobile population’s need for flexible and shared mobility solutions is growing all the time. Starting today, there is a new offer in the Greater Basel region: electric scooters are available at the Basel SBB, Muttenz and Pratteln train stations. At any time, day or night, users can remove the e-scooters from the “ScooBoxes” and subsequently return them. IBION’s pilot trial in the Greater Basel region is being carried out in collaboration with SBB and Hamburg-based Walberg Urban Electrics.

Travellers over the age of 16 can easily book “THE URBAN” e-scooters via an app. Once you have downloaded the app and submitted your credit card details, you’re ready to go. For new customers, the first hour is free, and thereafter billed by the minute. After the tour, the customer ends the rental in the app and returns the e-scooter to the ScooBox. The ScooBoxes serve as a charging station. E-scooters are compact, foldable and lightweight vehicles that can be used flexibly and allow you to arrive at your destination relaxed and without having to find a parking space. The e-scooters are produced by the Hamburg-based company Walberg Urban Electrics and are already in use in various European countries.

“IBION is our specific answer to emerging mobility developments,” explains Mirko Woetzel, Head of Smart Infrastructure, cablex. “By renting out e-scooters, which are deposited and recharged at fixed charging stations, we are helping municipalities provide their residents with an attractive range of mobility services and are solving the problem faced by the operators of having to collect the vehicles in the evening. At the same time, we are making a contribution to sustainability,” adds Woetzel.

SBB on board as a partner
SBB supports sustainable mobility developments and innovations that combine the strengths of the railways with the potential of new technologies and make the door-to-door mobility chain simpler and more flexible. “We are delighted to be working with IBION as part of the pilot project to collect every-day experience with this very new mobility offering in the Smart City Basel,” said Michel Berchtold, SBB Regional Director, Midland. “The e-scooters and the ScooBoxes at the train station give our customers new mobility options in their networked door-to-door travel chain.”

SBB is involved in site evaluation, marketing and accompanying market research.

Pilot operation starts with rental locations at the railway stations Basel SBB, Muttenz and Pratteln
IBION is the first Swiss company to test the public rental of e-scooters. The ScooBox solution was developed and manufactured in Switzerland. To guarantee operation, the service is ensured using local service providers at the sites. There are plans to expand the pilot project throughout the Basel area over the next few months. IBION is already in contact with other interested communities and companies.

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